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Panda Express

Here you’ll find all the secrets of the city, the things every mobster should know, and a thing or two that everyone knows.

The City
The City is a coastal hellhole lorded over by gangs, petty and major, large and small, and everything in between. It has a port with a massive shipping industry, factories stretched across the land, and everything your heart desires for only the biggest price you can offer.

Crujiente Suave District
Gold District
Meiwei Zhongguo

Clubs, Bars, and other meeting places
The city’s clubs are the best place to meet your connection. If you need a friend, they’re here. If you need a body, someone can make you one. If you need some product, best place to look is here.

Gold District: The Gold Vault
Uptown: Padre Fantasia’s Gentlemen’s Club
Downtown: Queenie’s Bordello
Downtown: Caesar Fantastico’s Italian Bar and Grill
Crujiente Suave: Mal Trago Cantina

Port Lexington
The port where all the dreams come in, where the product gets bought, and where things go out to sell. You can find anything you want here, as long as you can find someone selling it. Anything else goes to the street.

Monarch Shipping Company

Factory District
The factories. The only legal cash outlet in the cities. That’s the word, anyways. Chances are that’s wrong, but who’s counting any more?

Krieger’s Meat Plant

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