Panda Express

Part 1: "Strangers in the Night"
"If you hear footsteps down that hall, have your guns ready."

Waiting in a board room with a gun in your hand and a feeling of dread, you were told not to let anyone in unless the guards said it was okay. Any time you heard the steps, it was like another second closer to death.

The first person to come in was Madame Panda. This was good news. She gave a few simple missions. Pick up Robert Box from the hospital and give him his package, meet with Angel “Chihuahua” Carlito about a pact of defense between the Panda Clan and Los Alarmas, and give a statement to Detective Andrews down at the local PD regarding recent activities with the Patricks.

The second person to come in was the Scowler. This was bad news. He coldly executed the two door men, walked in, and confirmed to Madame Panda that the Don has his eye on her, and she’d better not be doing anything strange. He told you that when you meet with Detective Andrews, you tell him everything about the Patricks. Anything he asks about, pin on them. Any reason you have to fear them, tell him. Perhaps he’s sending a message. Perhaps he — er, “the Don”, is just getting cocky.

The Scowler left without hurting any others. A long night begins.

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