The Scowler

"Evenin', friends. I got a message from a friend, and he likes when I deliver personally."


Head enforcer for the Don. A large, imposing man in a purple suit and ski mask, with a matching turtle neck. Tends to be polite and well-adjusted around others, but he’s never been one to shy away from horribly damaging people.


The furthest back anyone can trace the Scowler is when he started sending e-mails among the mafia circles (despite the heavily guarded nature of said circles) under the screen name “Chickadee_Scowler”. Ever since the days following his first personal appearance at the Patricks compound, he’s made a name for himself in casual and cavalier murder. No slouch when it comes to harming others, he does most of the dirty work when the Don himself isn’t present, and as a result has the highest body count out of the three, putting him just above The Don. Despite this, he tends to leave high-ranking officials alone. He prefers to allow his boss to do it, or so he claims. On one hand, nobody’s seen his boss, so it could be a bluff. On the other hand, nobody’s ever seen him kill an high-roller either…

The Scowler

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