The Don

"Death on the grounds of disloyalty. I hate me a goddamn traitor."


It is a mystery.


A complete newbie to the scene, the Don took control of the Patricks within a day of his appearance during January of 2011. As of April 2012, he’s absorbed three whole families by cutting off their heads and taking over unopposed. His body count so far consists of six figureheads, Marge Brandt (former leader of the Patricks), Leonard and Frank DeLuca, “the Trainyard Boys” (leaders of the Metropolitanas), Colonel Jeffrey Sanders (head of the Harland Family), Robert “Baby Face Bob” Chambers and Gregory Schaden, (bodyguard/legbreaker and boss of the Domandos, respectively), and dozens of lesser members unfortunate enough to have gotten in his way. His obsession seems to be with “loyalty to the cause”, but he has yet to specify what that means. Many deny his existence since nobody but his victims have seen him. He keeps a public face by way of his enforcers, “Scowler” and “the Chickadee”. Some think that he’s a pseudonym adopted by said enforcers, who have an even grander conspiracy at work. Whatever the case, by the end of “the Don’s” attacks, the streets will never be the same again…

Run away, runaway, I’ll attack

Controlled Families
The Patricks
The Metropolitanas
The Harland Family
The Domandos

The Don

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