Lina "Panda" Cherng

"We live in a very American country, and crime is a very American business. People like us aren't always welcome."


Headstrong, somewhat cold, extremely professional, and always at the ready. She holds her business and the downtrodden others of her race above all other things.


Lina “Panda” Cherng migrated from China at a very young age. Heir to a very large sum of money, she found herself trying and failing at several alternative business ventures in her late teens and young adulthood. Finally she carved out in a niche in some business with a Japanese business partner, and soon took over at the head of the board of directors for the Panda Clan, Triad/Yakuza fusion group who banded together when the criminal horizons of the land proved too difficult to keep track of with so many older gangs on the playing field.

They’ve found themselves largely untouched by the Don, but the threat remains as a constant. Either through paranoia or some fact as yet unrevealed, she believes the Don may be targeting her next. A visit from the Scowler only confirmed this suspicion.

Lina "Panda" Cherng

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