You’ve been here before. Gun in your hand, enforcer at the door, listening hard into the hallway in case those footsteps aren’t someone you know. You’re always relieved when a friend walks in the door, but you’re never surprised. God help you if you’re ever surprised.

The Patricks gave up last year. The Don killed their boss, blew out the back of her head in the middle of a meeting. Nobody fought back. They say some of her underbosses even thanked him. Now he runs the joint. One year later, every family in the city is on the brink of a tremendous meltdown. If it doesn’t stop soon, there’ll be a war that’ll rip this city in two. The streets are running with blood.

DISLOYAL” — Written on the wall over the corpse of Robert “Baby Face Bob” Chambers, head enforcer of the Domandos.

The Don is on the attack.

Inspiration and Exposure
Blank Character Sheet

Panda Express

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